See who has viewed your facebook profile?

Happy as we are to get requests of useful information and statistics users would like, there are some limitations.

There are a lot of applications and services out there that claim they can give information about the visitors of your profile. In addition sometimes they can give tips and tricks about how to read this from the markup of page. Selling it as "Do you want to know if your crush has visited your profile?".

The truth is that none of these applications or methods work, as it is not possible to gather this information. Facebook does not deliver it, simple as that. This is also adressed in their policies.

If you have installed an application through facebook which promises you this functionality, we highly recommend you to remove it at once. Instructions on how to do this can be found here. They are usually tools for spreading viruses , or spamming your friends.

That said, we are more than happy to serve other requests for development.

Best regards,
The SozialApp Team

Click and view your results for free!!

Click and view your results for free!!